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Some things you never forget, and being a 11 year old preteen girl with acne is something that fueled my life long passion to not only take care of my skin, but learn everything there is to learn about how life style, genetics, and the right skincare products and treatments can all play a huge part in how your skin looks and feels! Because the skin is the largest organ of the body there is no lim... it on where unflattering scars, acne, sun damage and more severe skin conditions can pop up. The skin is also directly connected with what is going on inside our bodies as well. It is a very complex yet fascinating organ. I followed my passion for skincare and attended Capri Cosmetology school for Esthetics and worked in one of New Jersey's most prestigious and luxurious spa for the last 13 years. I moved to Sussex County three years ago, and have recently started working at Massage Techniques. Massage Techniques is unique in this area because we are not part of a noisy hair salon with unflattering scents from bleaches and perms. We are not on a busy road where you have to pay a meter for parking. Massage Techniques provides a intimate, relaxing and quiet spa experience at an affordable price. It is the perfect escape, but still close to home. If you are struggling with your skin whether it's acne, fine lines, dehydration, or just over all a dullness in your complexion come see me at Massage Techniques! Let me get you started on your best skin regime today! Nothing is more attractive then beautiful glowing skin! Hope to see you soon!

Classic Purifying $65

Teen Facial $55

Age Smart Facial $80

Natural Apple Radiant Facial $75

Natural Sensitive Skin Facial $70

Microdermabrasion Facial $90


Incredible Pumpkin Peel $20

Fruit Fiesta Peel $20

Apple Brightening Peel $20


Eyebrow $10

Lip $10

Chin $7

Side Burn Area $15

Full Leg $75

Half Leg $55

Under Arm $20